May 15, 2019

Game of Thrones.

So, I've been watching Game of Thrones Season Eight (even though I don’t have HBO) and I have to say i didn’t realize there were only going to be six episodes.

Thing is, I’ve heard a lot of people carping about the latest episode (episode five) and the truth of it is I thought it was one of the better episodes of the season.

Somehow there is this idea that war is pretty and it isn’t. If you’ve read the books than nothing in the latest episode should come as any surprise. People are calling Danearys the Mad Queen but nothing in her actions really is far afield from the character’s path.

She’s a young women who had lost so very much, two dragons, her stars and sun (her Khal), Jon Snow apparently in a struggle to return to the seven kingdoms and reclaim her birthright and she recognizes at this point no one will give this to her and she is going to have to fight and make it clear that she is someone to be feared and that’s exactly what she does.

Beyond that, it was violent and enjoyable, violent and brutal and it was juxtaposed against Jon Snow watching it all in horror which really was perfect.

Some people have been asking why all of a sudden a single dragon can be so formidable forgetting that the weapons used against the dragon were something of a surprise. When it became clear what she was up against, Danearys knew quite well what she would have to do.

Also, if you have looked into any of the backstory of Game of Thrones you come to realize that Aegon the Conqueror acted in EXACTLY the same way making it clear he was not to be trifiled with.

I loved it, a lot better than the episode against the White Walkers which was shot so things appeared too dark. It was really amazing.

I’m rewatching it now and it really holds up well. They’ve never made a dragon appear so fearsome it was just amazing!

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